Coolfemme Clothing for Menopausal WomenTM

Wicking nightwear for night sweats for women..........AND men.


How to Order

We regret can only accept orders for delivery within Canada.

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Shipping and Handling Charges:

On purchases less than $50 $9.00
$50 to $100 $12.00
Over $100 $15.00

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Other ordering information:

All prices are in CDN dollars.

Coolfemme has no retail outlets.

Our sizes ARE different: Coolfemme nightgowns and pyjamas already include a wide range of sizes but if your size is not among them please contact us. Order according to your body measurements using our measurement chart.

We want to make Coolfemme's sleeping comfort available to the greatest number of women and men affected by excess sweat and sleeping discomfort.

Most orders will be confirmed within 24 hours and mailed within 10 days of receipt. Canada Post Expedited Parcel or Xpress Post will deliver approximately 8 to 14 days later anywhere in Canada. If your item is not in stock delivery may take 6 to 10 weeks.

All orders will be filled and shipped as soon as possible once your cheque or money order has been cleared.

All orders are subject to availability of fabric from supplier. Satisfaction guaranteed.

We regret that we are unable to ship to addresses outside Canada until further notice.

Your Coolfemme wicking sleepwear is designed for comfort. The fabric has to be in contact with your body to wick the moisture off your skin and dry so fast that you will not have time to get cold and clammy. Machine or hand wash in warm water 40°C to 50° C / 105°F to 120°F and tumble dry on low setting or hang to dry.

DO NOT use fabric softeners or treated dryer sheets they can leave a residue that will affect the wicking action.

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We can only accept orders for delivery within Canada.

Wear your coolfemme wicking night wear for relief from night sweats!

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“The fabric is absolutely wonderful to wear. I have already noticed a difference in my sleeping pattern”

“Thank you for the best night's sleep I've had in months”

“A wonderful new product that really helps night sweats and allow you to sleep much better”

“Wonderful ! I am really enjoying finally a good night’s sleep!”

“I did not wake up with soaked sheets, or because damp sheets were sticking to me”
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Made of high performance microfibre that looks elegant, quickly absorbs or wicks the moisture away from your skin and dries fast.

Planning a tropical vacation? coolfemme nightwear is light to pack, keeps you comfortable in the heat, can be washed and hung to dry during the day while you relax.